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ExtremeCloud Appliance (XCA) General Availability (GA) Release

  • 1.  ExtremeCloud Appliance (XCA) General Availability (GA) Release

    Posted 05-27-2020 08:11

    XCA is now available on the Extreme Portal
    Please review the Release Notes for new features, changes, or corrections in this release.
    The Release Notes are posted here:  https://documentation.extremenetworks.com/release_notes/ExtremeCloud_Appliance/9036569-03 ExtremeCloudAppliance v04.76.04.0005_RelNotes.pdf

    All firmware files can be found on the Extreme Portal on the following Product page and/or specific appliance upgrade pages:
    ExtremeCloud Appliance

  • 2.  RE: ExtremeCloud Appliance (XCA) General Availability (GA) Release

    Posted 07-14-2020 09:57


    You started with XCA and now it’s already rebranded again and lost functionality…. 

    The Extreme  Campus controller (formerly known as the Extreme Cloud Appliance) that we have is no longer accepting new AP’s, but all licenses seem to be ok. 

    Nowhere on the forum can we find any information on ECC or about firmware 05.06.01 

    According to the deployment guide the AP’s should register with the controller. 
    We took a pcap and see that the ap’s are sending packets to the CTRL but it doesn’t answer. 

    We did not have this issue on ECA. 

    Any advice?