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  • 1.  AP130 Update Failed

    Posted 10-26-2018 03:49

    Good morning,


    I am in the process of initial configure an AP130, but I am getting the follow error AP130 - Device Update Failed.


    Device added into AeroHive cloud and rebooted as advised but is not operational. Can't deploy it. LED moved from orange to white, then orange and then goes off.


    I appreciate your assistance.


    Best regards,


    Cristian Perilla

  • 2.  RE: AP130 Update Failed

    Posted 10-26-2018 14:35

    If you click on the Device Update Failed blue text on the Monitor page, could you tell me what it says is the reason for the failure?

  • 3.  RE: AP130 Update Failed

    Posted 10-29-2018 22:43

    Hi Sam,


    Thank you for our assistance. It was found that the firmware was quite old (6.5r1b) and it did not support to connect to the current HVManager so it could not be updated. It was required to push the new firmware locally from a TFTP server. It's all working now.



  • 4.  RE: AP130 Update Failed

    Posted 02-16-2022 03:05
    I got the same error too, would you please send me the firmware file so i can upload on it locally?