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  • 1.  Failed to migrate from HiveManager Classic to new HiveManager

    Posted 12-10-2018 10:24

    ?I read this tuturial and tried to upgrade from HiveManager Classic to the new one:


    Too bad the article failed to mention I have to recreate the config from scratch...


    At first I tried to export the ~500 local users from the old HiveManager - which always results in an empty csv file.


    After trying to copy the html output and parsing the data with Excel, Powershell and Notepad++ to get them into the new HiveManager for at least 3 Hours I now gave up. (always resulted in import errors due to " and , Chars in the passwords)


    I tried to call the support Hotline but noone answers. I contacted our reseller but they didn't do a migration yet.




    When the article would have mentioned the manual work required I would not have touched this **** thing.

  • 2.  RE: Failed to migrate from HiveManager Classic to new HiveManager

    Posted 12-10-2018 14:29

    I'm sorry the article was not clear. It does discuss what will be moved over with a configuration backup from Classic to HiveManager, but I will update the language to make it clear that we can't move configuration objects from Classic to HiveManager. I appreciate the feedback.


    If your partner is unable to help you, then they should open a case with ATAC on your behalf so we can assist you directly. I would recommend opening a case for the issue with downloading your local users and getting a blank file, but the issue with HiveManager not accepting " and , in user passwords is a limitation we won't be able to get around.


    If you'd like help migrating from Classic to HiveManager, our professional services team does offer migration assistance. If you need help with just a few steps of the migration, like moving your entitlement keys over or some questions about navigating the new GUI, we can either help you here on the community or you should be able to open a case with your partner for assistance. If you can tell me what kinds of SSIDs/Network policy objects you have set up in Classic, I will do my best to help you find the resources that will walk you through how to rebuild in HiveManager.

  • 3.  RE: Failed to migrate from HiveManager Classic to new HiveManager

    Posted 12-10-2018 14:39

    Migrating the entitlement keys was not a problem - that was the easiest part.

    Moving the Access Points to the new HiveManager mostly worked  except that ~10 devices are missing now.


    There are two SSIDs on the old instance.

    the first one with 500 local users

    the second with a captive portal and a connection to the ID Manager


    Migrating the local users does not work and I have no idea how to migrate the captive portal customizations and the users from the ID Manager to the new HiveManager yet


    I tried to open a case but it looks like my account has no rights to do this.

    And I have no idea how to assign the support contract to my account.


    We have "Aerohive VAD System Level 2 Support" whatever this means - and support for ID Manager.

  • 4.  RE: Failed to migrate from HiveManager Classic to new HiveManager

    Posted 12-10-2018 14:49

    I've associated your user record with your account and enabled download access in Hive Community for you, per your support. To open cases via Hive Community you'd need to purchase Global Select support. To open a case with the VAD support, you'd need to contact your partner. If they are not helpful, not responsive, or not offering to make a case with ATAC for you for issues they are not sure how to solve, please let me know who you are dealing with directly at, and I will make sure you get the help you need.


    For the devices that did not connect to HiveManager, this guide can help you get them reconnected-


    With HiveManager IDM is not a separate service like it was with Classic. IDM services that once required the external system are now included directly in to the HiveManager. This is one of many reasons why we can't import configuration directly from Classic to HiveManager.


    For the first SSID with 500 users, if we can change the passwords to not use the characters that conflict with HiveManager, then we should be able to get the export function working for you so you can import them directly in to HiveManager. I'm guessing this is a PPSK SSID?


    For the second SSID, could you tell me what security level it is, and what services you were using with IDM? There is no way to import a CWP object in to HiveManager, but if you can let me know what type of CPW it is, I can give you more information on how to rebuild that in HiveManager.