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  • 1.  Configure ELRP Script

    Posted 08-01-2014 18:02
    I understand that any scripts on here need to be tested out before placed on a production network. I am just trying to find a fast way to fix ELRP that was configured incorrectly on all ports.

    Right now it is enabled on all ports. The uplink ports are excluded from disable. So when the switch loops it sends it out the uplink port.

    Looking for some help with a script to enable ELRP only on untagged ports. Would like it to block a looped port permanently. Would like for this script to run daily to make sure any ports that change vlan's are covered.

    If you have ideas on a way to stop uplink ports from having ELRP enabled that would be great too!

    Thanks in advance

  • 2.  RE: Configure ELRP Script

    Posted 08-04-2014 06:12
    Below script will run the elrp on all vlan and ports which are present on switch.

    step 1) Execute command "vi elrpscript.pol"
    Step 2) paste below script

    disable clipaging enable elrp-client

    set var sv "#ELRP POLL STARTED#"

    show var sv

    set var cli.out 0

    show vlan

    set var sv $TCL(split ${cli.out} "\n")

    set var e $TCL(lsearch $sv *(B)*)

    set var i 5

    set var e ($e - 1)

    while ($i < $e) do

    set var cli.out 0

    set var v $TCL(lindex $sv $i)

    set var vn $TCL(lindex $v 0)

    set var z $TCL(regexp {Mgmt} $vn)

    if ($z == 0) then

    conf elrp-client one-shot $vn port all print

    set var p $TCL(split ${cli.out} "\n")

    set var p1 $TCL(lsearch $p *NO*)

    if ($p1 == -1) then

    set var p1 $TCL(lindex $p 2)

    set var p2 $TCL(lindex $p1 9)

    set var p1 $TCL(lrange $p1 0 6)

    set var p1 $TCL(concat $p1 $p2)

    set var p2 $TCL(lindex $p 3)

    set var p2 $TCL(lrange $p2 5 7)

    set var p $TCL(concat $p1 $p2)

    show var p


    set var p1 $TCL(lindex $p 2)

    set var p2 $TCL(lindex $p1 10)

    set var p1 $TCL(lrange $p1 0 7)

    set var p1 $TCL(concat $p1 $p2)

    show var p1



    set var i ($i + 1)


    disable elrp-client

    enable clipaging

    set var sv "#ELRP POLL COMPLETED#"

    show var sv

    Step 3) To run script "load script elrpscript"

    It will tell you on which port the loop is present.

  • 3.  RE: Configure ELRP Script

    Posted 08-04-2014 10:21

    Thanks for the reply. I will give it a test. On this script is it a one time run? I need to have something that will keep ELRP enabled all the time. But needs to check periodically for VLAN port changes. It is in a large network and people change untagged ports from one VLAN to another. I just want to make sure that we are still protected from loops.


  • 4.  RE: Configure ELRP Script

    Posted 08-04-2014 12:36
    You could use UPM profile to invoke above profile after particular time period.

  • 5.  RE: Configure ELRP Script

    Posted 08-04-2014 12:53
    When I run the script I get this error

    X460-24t.10 # load script elrpscript
    Cannot open EXSH script "/config/elrpscript.xsf"!

  • 6.  RE: Configure ELRP Script

    Posted 08-04-2014 13:17
    I made mistake in step 1. Please change the file type from pol to xsf and run it again.

  • 7.  RE: Configure ELRP Script

    Posted 08-04-2014 13:46
    Can this script be modified to run only on the access ports of a switch or stack?

  • 8.  RE: Configure ELRP Script

    Posted 08-04-2014 13:52
    Everything is possible.

    You could write function which can help to find access port and then pass those port number to elrp command.

  • 9.  RE: Configure ELRP Script

    Posted 08-04-2014 14:01
    That is more what we need. To find the access ports and vlan's then protect with ELRP. Can we change it to be periodic instead of one shot? Then add a UPM Timer to run it every day to find changes.

    1. Find Vlan's and Access ports then
    enable elrp-client
    configure elrp-client periodic (found vlan) ports (found ports) log-and-trap disable-port permanent

    2.UPM- timer to run each day.

    think that would solve the issue.

  • 10.  RE: Configure ELRP Script

    Posted 02-11-2015 12:22
    In our network I use the vlan default to monitor ELRP on the edge ports. I configure the edge ports in the vlan default (tagged).

    the reason: If I have por 1 in vlan1 and port2 in vlan2 and there is a connection on the switch between port 1 and 2 (this no loop on the network). Someone can make a wrong patch.....

    And one of those ports is disabled pemantent.