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  • 1.  How to change statistic sample intervals?

    Posted 01-23-2017 14:24
    Hi community,

    I am collecting port statistics on Summit 48si, but values are set to zero at end of sample interval according to MIB description, see example below:
    - OID: extremeRtStatsUndersizePkts
    - OID Description: The number of packets received during the last sampling interval that were less than 64 octets.

    My questions are related to sample interval mention above:
    - What is default value of Sample Interval?
    - Is there any way to change Sample Interval value?

    Thanks in advance for all collaboration,
    Wanderley Benacchio Junior

  • 2.  RE: How to change statistic sample intervals?

    Posted 02-07-2017 14:06
    Wanderley, per the extremeRtStatsIndex, the description states "The last sample of Ethernet statistics on a particular Ethernet interface. This sample is associated with the RMON historyControlEntry which set up the parameters for a regular collection of these samples".

    Please review the MIB in use for any RMON OIDs and see if there are any options there.