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  • 1.  ELRP disabling ports on ExtremeWare

    Posted 08-04-2015 06:36
    So in getting ready to configure company wide ELRP I was doing to some testing the other day.
    The test case is a Summit200-24 running Image : Extremeware Version 7.8e.4.1

    Issue is when ELRP detected a loop it disables the port. FIrst I didnt think Xware supported this feature............... In the example below I removed all ELRP instances, :

    /01/2015 10:26:32.97 [i] epicenter: configure elrp-client periodic Legacy interval 1 ports 1 , 2 , 25 log-and-trap
    5/01/2015 10:26:24.20 [i] epicenter: unconfigure elrp-client Legacy
    Result is this:
    05/01/2015 10:07:43.42 [i] epicenter: disable ports 1
    05/01/2015 10:07:42.24

  • 2.  RE: ELRP disabling ports on ExtremeWare

    Posted 08-04-2015 13:31
    Hello Jimmy

    Unfortunately I don't have anything that is running EW that I can test but can you do a show port info and show port config on the two ports. I see EPICenter is in play is there a script set in EPICenter to disable the ports?