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Macbook-Pro-8 Anyone having issues?

  • 1.  Macbook-Pro-8 Anyone having issues?

    Posted 10-28-2020 16:46


    I work in a school that has Pre-K all the way through to 12th grade.


    We have been experiencing issues, where people will get bumped off the wifi, or they will connect but not get an IP address (we have an in-house DHCP server).  Also, the normally green cloud next to the AP, goes red.  Then we will get emails coming in with complaints about wifi.  We are a big campus, aroudn 75 acres and 20+ building and 160 AP’s.

    When this issue started today, I jump into the firewall and connection diagnostic, and see a computer that is sending and receiving a massive amount of data.  This Macbook was showing network speeds 130Mb/s to 190Mb’s and that was for just a 60 second capture of firewall data.

    I noted that it was a Macbook Pro 8, and was wondering if anyone else has seen issues like the one above that may have been causing this issue, and knows how to resolve it.


    The picture shows the firewall side of just how much data.  I also have a screen grab showing the Devices 190Mb/s if needed.



    Many thanks, J.