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  • 1.  Reliable use of 60 minute vouchers

    Posted 17 days ago
    Edited by Raphael Stephan 17 days ago


    I (teacher and wifi-admin at our school) want to use PPSK as Vouchers  for students with 60 minute duration after first login. However it seems that some (not all) students remain connected even after those 60 minutes (even days after) or can reconnect again after being disconnected. I don't understand why this is the case.

    I have set the SSID accordingly as cloud PPSK and created a User Group „Voucher" that is valid 60 minutes after first login (general availability: 30 weeks). I have checked „Delete user credentials after expiration" and have set „access rejected" for the action after the expiration.

    Is it maybe that „delete user credentials" means that all trace of that client is deleted and therefore he is „unknown" to the system and can log in again with the same voucher after those 60 minutes?

    On top it seems like the 60 minute countdown isn't working as supposed, since I tried myself with a voucher and was able to „stop" or „renew" the timer (not sure which of it) by logging out after a couple of minutes logged in to the voucher, and then log in again after 40 minutes.

    It's probably me doing something wrong, so I'd appreciate your help. Thank you, Raphael

    EDIT: The Voucher-Users don‘t get deleted after expiration, in spite of the setting above , so maybe the expiration itself does Not Happen?

  • 2.  RE: Reliable use of 60 minute vouchers

    Posted 16 days ago
    Hello, thank you for the detailed explanation. I reviewed this with one of our XIQ techs, and since you're seeing the voucher-users are not removed, this sounds like a bug to us. I'd recommend opening a support ticket and attaching tech data from one of your APs so they can get some details about your configuration and VIQ instance.