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EMC unrequested setting switch port alias

  • 1.  EMC unrequested setting switch port alias

    Posted 08-10-2017 15:38
    Hi Guys,

    I'm having an odd behavior in a customer running EMC/NetSight (mixed SecureStack and Summit switches).

    After the NetSight upgrade to, during the install of new Summits (replacing the old E1s) we found that a B5 stack, without any known reason had the empty port aliases replaced by SYSNAME_ge.x.y... (i.e. B5-CPCOM-01_ge.1.1). By the way, this switch is running for years, and haven't been touched during this procedure, because it is installed on other site.

    Taking a look at the Console logs, I found something odd... The NetSightServer was setting the aliases by itself:

    Looking a bit further, it tries to do it (without success) on the new installed Summit, using the same SYSNAME_fe.x.y pattern (FE??? It is not compatible with EXOS, obviously).

    Anybody have any clue about it? Why it is doing it and how to disable this "feature"? (this is an unwanted behavior for our customer).

    Best regards,