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  • 1.  is OneView NMS Mobile working ?

    Posted 02-19-2015 21:33

    I haven't tried for a long time to access OneView via my IPad as it wasn't working and I thought it's because it's not supported on a mobile device.

    After reading thru the OneView user guide I've found the chapter for NMS mobile and I've tried it again but I don't get to the webpage of OneView if I use the link...
    .. the error that I get is "the webpage is not available" so I don't even get to the login.

    With my laptop on the same SSID/AP/policy I get to the login but after the login I only see a black field.

    Running Netsight 6.2 (Beta) and IPad2 with latest IOS, Chrome and Safari.

    Does it work for you ?

  • 2.  RE: is OneView NMS Mobile working ?

    Posted 02-19-2015 23:24
    Hello, I just tried with my iPhone connecting to NetSight Mobile and it worked for me. I tried going to http://

  • 3.  RE: is OneView NMS Mobile working ?

    Posted 02-20-2015 07:45
    Thanks for the reply...
    I'll try it next week in the office as right now the only difference is a reduced MTU on my VPN link to my home office.
    Could be that the IOS don't like that.