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'javax.script.ScriptException: *** Script Error *** null' TCL script problem

  • 1.  'javax.script.ScriptException: *** Script Error *** null' TCL script problem

    Posted 12-05-2018 08:26
    I've wrote very simple script to rewrite IP address from vlan to management. It works as intended if executed from switch:
    enable cli scripting
    disable clipaging
    set var cli.out 0
    sh vlan mana | i 172
    set var ss $TCL(split ${cli.out} "\n")
    set var IP $TCL(regexp -inline {(?:\d+\.){3}\d+} $ss)
    #set var result $TCL(lindex $sline 3)
    show var IP
    configure vlan Mgmt ipaddress $IP

    Slot-1 D8_parter.4 # load script net.xsf

    But when execute this one from XMC i got error:
    *** Script Error ***

    -> set ss $TCL(split ${cli.out} "\n")

    It looks like variable cli.out is NOT set propertly.

    Anyone has suggestion how to fix that ?

    Also i see that XMC sends own scripts as files to execute on switch - vide nms.xsf, maybe that is a solution ?