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Governance Engine

Ronald Dvorak

Ronald Dvorak07-28-2017 10:08

  • 1.  Governance Engine

    Posted 07-28-2017 07:10

    are there more informations available.

    I'd see the product in the price list and the webpage shows only the datasheet with some marketing yada yada.

    Is that only a license for EMC or another VM server ... what do I need to test this and is it available now, is there a trial license.


  • 2.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 07-28-2017 07:22
    Hi Ronald,

    could you more specfic about your question.

    are you looking for EMC 8 trail license details ?


  • 3.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 07-28-2017 07:26
    Hi Suresh,

    I'm talking about the Information Governance Engine......

    I'd like to test it in my lab but see no information how that system works = is it a part of EMC and I need only another license or is that a dedicated VM that tx information to EMC.


  • 4.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 07-28-2017 07:26
    i can see below details as well.

    NOTE: Governance tab functionality requires you to acquire an additional license.


  • 5.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 07-28-2017 07:30
    Hi Ronald,

    If i go into below option and click on help i could see few details as below.

    Extreme Management Center > Extreme Management Center Tabs > Governance > Governance DashboardThe Governance > Dashboard tab provides an overview of your audit test results performed over time on the devices in your network.

    Use the drop-down menus at the top of the tab to select the regime and the date and time of the governance audit to view the results in the tab.



  • 6.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 07-28-2017 07:37
    Hi Ronald,

    Please find below details,

    How to Obtain and Apply a Governance License in Management CenterTo use the Governance tab in Management Center, an additional license is required.

    To obtain and apply the license in Management Center:

    1. Contact your sales representative to purchase an IGE (Information Governance Engine) license. An email voucher is generated and sent to you with instructions.

  • 7.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 07-28-2017 07:43
    Thx, so I'd need a license to see the tab - makes sense.

    I'm running EMC with a NMS-ADV-U Cloud WLAN license and will try to load a trial license.
    I'll keep you posted on the results.


  • 8.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 07-28-2017 07:46
    Hi Ronald,

    Sure , we will wait for your response,


  • 9.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 07-28-2017 09:13
    Eval license does give you governance engine. You can apply eval license over the permanent license and all features will be unlocked = including IGE. Regards Z.

  • 10.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 07-28-2017 09:13
    The IGE is part of EMC installation = no special VM is needed.

  • 11.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 07-28-2017 10:08
    OK the eval license is installed on my lab system and I'd access the tab - more on my test results in the next topic.

    AFAIK I'd only install one EMC eval license = I've installed a eval license last year on the customers EMC so he'd test NAC, right now the eval license is expired and the permanent license is active.

    Q: Is it correct that I can't install another eval license in that case, if yes how could the customer test this new function or other new functions in the feature that require a separate license.

  • 12.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 07-28-2017 10:08
    You can delete the old eval license and place there new eval license.

    The easiest way I use is to delete the file from the license directory (I hope I remember it well: /usr/local/Extreme Networks/Netsight/license/)

    if there are more licenses there is license hierarchy = eval does have the highest precedense, the next is ADV the next is full the last is BASE.

  • 13.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 07-28-2017 10:08
    Thanks I'll give it a try.

  • 14.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 07-28-2017 10:41
    I've run the PCI test on all my devices but I'd like to concentrate on the wireless controller because I've a little bit experience on that one :-)

    My setup is a V2110 pair running 10.31.04 - all APs are on #1 and #2 is my standby.
    As they run in an availability pair all settings should be equal.

    The result of the PCI test is that #1 passed with 89% and #2 failed with 5%.
    Also the number of test failed in the diagram doesn't reflect the number of failed test in the list of tests in both cases.

    Here a screenshot of both results with a filter on failed tests....

    Let's get into detail....

    failed test#1&2 on both EWCs = secure connections (Disable weak ciphers for secure connections)
    On both EWCs (in GUI > Controller > Network > Secure Connections > enable Weak Cipers) the checkmark isn't set = disabled

    failed test#5 only on EWC#2 = Default AP modes - strong cluster-shared secret
    On both EWCs (in GUI > AP > Global > Registration > Secure Cluster > Cluster Shared Secret) the same pw is set - I think it's the default - in my case MvrDqIeb

    failed test#5-7 only on EWC#1 = Implement a strong password SNMP admin user
    On both EWCs (in GUI > Controller> Network > SNMP > SNMPv3) the same user snmpuser with default pw is set

    Summary: Even both controllers of the pair have the same settings I get different results on the individual test and one controller passes the overall score with 89% and the second fails the score with 5%.


  • 15.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 08-04-2017 12:44
    Anyone from the EMC team that like to comment on the wrong information in the report ?

  • 16.  RE: Governance Engine

    Posted 11-15-2017 12:29
    very interesting
    as our company needs to fulfill PCI-DSS standards I was intressted in this new feature.
    but as it looks it is too early for that

    i didn't knew a seperate license is needed!