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  • 1.  OneView Dashboard refresh interval?

    Posted 05-20-2016 10:42

    I can't use Netsight OneView dashboard for watching device up/down. It seems that it never refreshes or refreshes too late. Cacti shows device down in about 1 minutes. Even after 5-10 mins Oneview dashboard does not update and show the device is down. But if I manually refresh the browser it shows device down. Also Oneview devices tab shows down devices in 1 minute. So it seems the problem is dashboard is not refreshed. I look for but could not find any setting for dashboard refresh interval.



  • 2.  RE: OneView Dashboard refresh interval?

    Posted 05-20-2016 11:11
    This screen is based off the Oneview Collector intervals which my default is 15 minutes.
    the device view is 1 minute, and is in alignment with your concerns. Sometimes the best method to get information about device down is Alarms Manager email notifications configured. The other alternative is to get the Collector engine configured for 5 minute intervals. This may increase CPU usage somewhat on the server, but is an option.
    If you are using maps, they are polled at 30 second intervals.

  • 3.  RE: OneView Dashboard refresh interval?

    Posted 05-21-2016 09:24
    A Dashboard without immediately Push Notification alert is useless; eMail should always be an additional Option but not the only one in an Webbrowser-centric world..