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Documentation of "internal" NAC alarms?

  • 1.  Documentation of "internal" NAC alarms?

    Posted 06-12-2017 09:35

    a couple of days ago, we encountered some alarms that we had never seen before. Those alarms were generated by one of our NAC (it was listed as "Source" in the alarm description) that exceeded a certain processing limit.

    The alarm: "Processing queue is overflowing, RADIUS requests may be throttled"

    The issue itself was solved, we now want to know where this alarm came from and how the NAC was able to submit this information to the Management server. As far as we know, this is not something the Management server can gather via a simple SNMP poll. Is there some internal connection between the two that submits this information and generates an alarm? The alarm was not created by us via the Alarms Manager. We would like to have this information to prepare for other alarms that are not defined in the Alarms Manager but can be submitted by the NAC. So far, the only option for us is to wait until the triggering event happens and then create an alarm that looks for the given information text.