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  • 1.  EMC Flexview not appearing in dropdown

    Posted 08-23-2017 07:59
    Hi All,

    A while back I had an issue raised with regards to a certain flexview not being available within EMC.

    I was provided in the initial instance with the .tpl file to manually enter it into the specific directory but everytime i upgrade EMC i have to re add the file again.

    The flexview is for showing Port state, with how long a switch port has been active/inactive for in days (Time in State).

    I see no reference in the current version of EMC that we have, with regards to the flexview above.

    Can anyone tell me if it actually is and it has another name? Plans in future?


  • 2.  RE: EMC Flexview not appearing in dropdown

    Posted 08-24-2017 11:00

    there is such flexview maintained by community = https://github.com/extremenetworks/Netsight-Report-Views/tree/master/FlexView/Networking

    you need to place the file "Port_Status_Time_with_alias.tpl" to the "My Flexviews" directory and you should be able to use flexview called "Port_Status_Time_with_alias"

    Good luck.