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  • 1.  NetSight DB restore failed

    Posted 07-31-2015 13:38
    Greeting Guys,

    I'm helping an old Extreme customer in a real trouble... As they aren't our customer yet, they came with a "bomb" in hands for us...

    Just about the scenario: The customer have 1 NS server and is running 1 NAC appliance.

    The NetSight Server died last night... The hardware has crashed, including disks becoming unrecoverable. The NAC appliance still running as expected and the customer have a backup they made last week manually (Server Information -> Database -> Backup: Database and Reporting) before the upgrade to the last 6.2 version.

    With a new server for NS up and running, after installing NetSight, we started the NetSight DB restore, but we got an error message:

    /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/backup/netsight is not a database file that can be restored from NetSight.
    NetSight can only restore database files backed up by the application. Database files containing CREATE TABLE statements may have been generated by MySQL and may possibly be restored by it. Please verify that the selected file is a valid NetSight database backup file and try again.
    Taking a look at the files, the netsight.rpt file contains a MySql dump as expected, but the netsight (database) file contains only binary/encrypted data...

    If there's no way to recover, we will need to reconfig it all, but the customer's major concern is about the NAC configuration (now empty in the new NS server): They don'thave any documentation about the NAC deployment made by the old partner, and the old partner doesn't have it too... BIG PROBLEM...

    SSHing to the NAC Appliance (which still running), all configs are there, and all viewable by nacstatus command.

    The big question is: There's any way to "import" this info to NAC Manager or we will need to take the xml file and make it manually?



  • 2.  RE: NetSight DB restore failed

    Posted 07-31-2015 14:00
    Leo, it sounds there was never a backup done on the original platform, or your using the wrong file. If you cat or more on the supposed .sql type file it should be a lot of readable english text in there. Not all hex. There is no way to port the .xml file to a sql format needed.

    Here is result of of more on a nac db. Should start and look something like this.

    root@NetSight60.ets.enterasys.com:/usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/backup$ more netsight_10202014.sql
    -- MySQL dump 10.13 Distrib 5.5.28, for Win32 (x86)
    -- Host: localhost Database: netsight[/code]

  • 3.  RE: NetSight DB restore failed

    Posted 07-31-2015 14:00
    Hi Mike,

    Bad news to the customer (and to me... I'll have to translate the XML file to manual config of NAC Manager...)...

    The rpt file looks like this, but the other file they have is a complete mess... Something went wrong...