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  • 1.  fingerprint updates failure

    Posted 11-01-2018 12:56
    We recently upgraded XMC to and it appears that our Fingerprints are no longer updating. I have checked the Operations Tab at the bottom of the window and it shows 100% failure. I see that either a FPM License or an Analytics Appliance must show on my contract. I do have an Analytics Appliance but cannot confirm from here that it is showing properly on my contract. I presume I will need to contact GTAC to confirm. Is there anything I am missing prior to doing so? Please advise. Thanks

  • 2.  RE: fingerprint updates failure

    Posted 11-03-2018 20:25

    Check out the following article:


    Have you set up the system with credentials?


  • 3.  RE: fingerprint updates failure

    Posted 11-04-2018 19:01
    Also, make sure your support contract is current. Feel free to open a case if the signature updates are still not working.