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A case with DHCP traffic seen by Extreme Analitycs

  • 1.  A case with DHCP traffic seen by Extreme Analitycs

    Posted 03-15-2018 13:42

    We recently had a serious problem during customer's migration from old network based on HP stuff to the new one based on pure EXOS G2 series environment.

    Clients workstations suddenly stopped receiving DHCP leases. As a part of troubleshooting, I have checked the DHCP traffic reports on EAA, which was already configured and started a couple of days before.

    Here is a sample report:

    At the centre of the network there is a router set for bootprelay between 4 user VLANs and one server VLAN where DHCP server ( and 2 NAC engines (,72) are located. All .254 hosts are user VLAN's router interfaces. Bootprelay is set to DHCP server's IP and both NAC's IPs (for DHCP snooping purpose). is server VLAN router interface.

    The question is: why the DHCP traffic volume for DHCP server is much lower than for NAC gateways? Shouldn't they be equal, as the DHCP traffic is forwarded the same way toward all relay targets?