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Recommendation for NetSight- and NAC-Appliance monitioring

  • 1.  Recommendation for NetSight- and NAC-Appliance monitioring

    Posted 03-23-2017 08:28

    Hello all,

    are there specific recommendations for monitoring processes and free capacities on a Linux NetSight and NAC appliance?

    Many customers want to monitor (not only with a ping test) the Netsight- and NAC-Appliances via e. g. Nagios and need therefore specific values for e. g. the following:

    • What process have to run on both appliances
    • What is the minimum free disk space left
    • What is the minimum free memory space left
    • What is a (maximal) normal cpu usage
    • Other useful things?

  • 2.  RE: Recommendation for NetSight- and NAC-Appliance monitioring

    Posted 05-05-2017 12:18

    There are alarms that can be generated for both NetSight Extreme Management Control and Access Control (NAC) to help monitor the status of these systems.

    For EMC, Threshold alarms may be configured from the Alarm Manager for a variety of categories. The thresholds may be configured with both an upper and lower value so depending on your system, customized threshold levels may be set.

    Here are some available threshold alarms available for the Extreme Management Center server:

    • EMC server CPU
    • EMC server CPU Max %
    • EMC server Disk Free MB
    • EMC server Disk Used MB
    • EMC server Disk Utilization %
    • EMC Server memory used
    On the NAC server you can monitor NAC End System events. These are some of the items you can monitor with alarm thresholds:

    • NAC ES Events
    • NAC ES per Auth type
    • NAC ES per Policy
    • NAC ES seen in the last 24 hours
    In addition to threshold alarms you can monitor the EMC server through the Reports tab in OneView. This will provide graphics monitoring event logs, server CPU and Memory, and disk access.

    The OneView Reports tab also provides access to Access Control information for End Systems similar tothe alarm thresholds.