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  • 1.  Oneview reports (NAC and Purview)

    Posted 08-11-2015 14:07
    Hi all

    I have some questions regarding the reporting of "Identify and Access" and Purview reports that we see

    Identify and Access

    If I look at the "System" tab in oneview it reports in the top left corner "Overview".
    The "Seen last 24 Hours" is always more than than the "Total End Systems Seen in the last 24 Hours"
    Why this difference?

    When you generate the following report :

    The number that is generated is this unique clients as seen by NAC or is this the total number of client sessions (including multiple sessions by the same end system)?

  • 2.  RE: Oneview reports (NAC and Purview)

    Posted 08-11-2015 18:03
    Hi Andre, If I read your data output correctly, one is using location information, the other is not. There may be some end stations that are not getting analyzed into the correct location etc.

    Clients as for as a purview definition should be referring to the mac addresses on the network.

    It is important to note, although not directly related, that hourly reports for applications are not taking client information directly into the calculations. It's looking for the application data in the absence of specific client data.