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  • 1.  NAC Hotel System integration

    Posted 04-01-2016 09:49
    Hi There,

    we have an Hotel Management System accessible via an JSON / REST API.
    We would like the users to 'login' using their Room-Number and Family Name.
    This information is available via the API of the HMS.. but how to configure this in NAC/Netsight?

    I can't find a way and am thinking of creating a local file every x minutes with all room numbers and familynames and upload them to the local password repository.

    however I would like to have a solution which doesn't involve user/administrator interaction

    Any ideas?



  • 2.  RE: NAC Hotel System integration

    Posted 04-01-2016 10:01
    is this system Micros-Fidelio Opera? Do you require certified integration?

  • 3.  RE: NAC Hotel System integration

    Posted 04-08-2016 09:37
    Hi Matthew, thank you for taking the time to send a reply and sorry I was not replying. I was in the hotel actually without any form of internet available...

    To answer your question, No it's not micros fidelio. And no we don't require certified integration.

    I think we already have a way to automatically generate a file with usernames/passwords (plain text), perhaps this can help? doens't the NAC software have an API?

  • 4.  RE: NAC Hotel System integration

    Posted 05-09-2016 16:38

    There is an API that integrates with NetSight not the NAC directly but if can glean out NAC information. Documentation for this is on our website:


    Go to the Software tab and then the NAC Tools / NAC Request Tool.

    You can also check out what is supported here:


    Go to the Partner Resources tab.

    Scott Keene

  • 5.  RE: NAC Hotel System integration

    Posted 05-09-2016 16:39
    Hello Marcel,

    This is a document with all the current API calls available for you to use to insert data using the API. This document is freely available to all customers, however design of the API integration should be handled through our professional services or solutions engineering department.



  • 6.  RE: NAC Hotel System integration

    Posted 05-10-2016 00:08
    Unfortunately most APIs like ours are not event driven; and therefore you will need a system polling both systems and keeping both up to date. Rather than use both APIs in a complex system just to get things to work I would suggest a different overall approach.

    I would suggest an event driven system and only pulls information during an authenticated registration/logon event. This will also reduce load on both systems as you will not have something continually polling both systems, even when nothing is happening/no new users are registering.
    If you setup a separate instance of freeradius as a radius proxy, you can then use rlm_perl to pull the information from your HMS. Thus you can use NAC in a Radius-Proxy configuration and that way send the room number as username and name as password to verify in your HMS.

    if you use a polling system, there may be instances where that a user registers between polls and they will not have immediate access as the separate systems are not in sync.