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  • 1.  extreme networks exam

    Posted 09-05-2020 07:22


    I have practical experience in Extreme, but I have not tried to take an exam yet. I would like to know the details of the certificates, the method of the exam and the cost

  • 2.  RE: extreme networks exam

    Posted 09-10-2020 20:17

    Hi Mohamed,


    I remember there was an exam part number in the past, now I can’t find it in the pricefile. Seems it’s gone. But as far as I understand, you have two options:

    • take part in a training that you are interested in (typically 4 days, or - if you’re a partner - alternatively free videos and 2-day lab session) and you’ll get 2 exam attempts with it,
    • register for a ‘Ninja Challenge’ - that’s a half-day supervised lab session and a more difficult exam with higher passing threshold to prove the experience.

    Currently there are Ninja Challenges available for 5 certifications, but you’ll have to find this kind of “training” on the Dojo (dojo.extremenetworks.com, single sign-on with extremeportal.force.com).

    You can also find actual portfolio there, or at https://www.extremenetworks.com/education/courses/ - but I see some glitch in my browser when I select Wireless branch. Currently for wireless there are three classes available, ExtremeWireless Core (WiNG + XCA), ExtremeWireless Cloud (formerly Aerohive ACMA), ExtremeWireless Cloud Troubleshooting.

    Besides post-sales ECS (Extreme Certified Specialist) certifications, there are also sales (ESS) and pre-sales (EDS) video-based trainings available. Partners can get some benefits in the partner program with some number of certifications achieved.

    Regarding the exam, it’s run online at the Dojo. Single-choice and multi-choice questions.

    Should you have any more questions, let us know or e-mail the Learn team via learn@extremenetworks.com.


    Hope that helps,