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    Posted 06-10-2020 07:02



    I have noticed that

    is not 100% complete and it is missing some crucial example information at the end.

    To use the X2 scalability for the DFZ with double density you need to do the following things (besides having X2 cards and X-Management cards):

    1.) Set algorithmic mode for the X2 cards:

     (config)# cam-mode amod slot 4
    (config)# cam-mode amod slot 6

    2.) Set one of the valid cam-profiles:

    # cam-partition profile ipv4-ipv6-2
    # cam-partition profile multiservice-6
    # cam-partition profile default

    3.) Missing in the knowledge base article: Set the IPv4 and IPv6 system-max values to increased values, else it will always boot in  decreased -X defaults, for example.

    system-max ipv6-cache 1884160
    system-max ipv6-route 1884160
    system-max ip-cache 2621440
    system-max ip-route 2506752

    4.) Reload the chassis (remove all -X / -M cards before):


    5.) After boot up, validate :

    show ip cache
    show ipv6 cache
    show cam-partition slot 4
    show cam-partition slot 6

    Hope this is helpful and saves somebody time (not like me :D).

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    Posted 06-10-2020 07:11

    Hi Joerg,


    FYI, you could give feedback on a KB article by clicking on NO at the bottom of the KB article question “Was this article helpful?” and write what is wrong or could be improved.


    I’ve linked your post and hope that the team will add the above settings that you’ve provided.





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    Thank you for your feedback.  I have updated the External KB Article to include the data you have identified as missing.  I hope this article now proves to be more useful.


    Thanks again for helping improve our KB.

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    Posted 06-10-2020 14:01

     Thanks a lot !!!