How to upgrade firmware for NetIron CER 2024F-4X router v5,8 -- > v6.2

  • 25 September 2020
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Could some experts share the documentation for upgrading firmware on NetIron CER 2024F-4X router from v5,8.0-- > v6.2.0?


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Do you mean the upgrade guide?


Upgrading a CES/CER has become almost a no brainer with the manifest method, placing the files on a e.g. TFTP server:

telnet@NetIron CES 2048CX#copy tftp system manifest 062b/CES-CER06200b_Manifest.txt
.TFTP: Download to flash done.
.TFTP: Download to flash done.
Verified OK

1) Download MP monitor image 062b/Boot/ceb06000.bin from tftp
.Removing monitor from flash. TFTP: Download to flash done.

2) Download MP application image 062b/Application/ce06200b.bin from tftp to primary:
Removing primary from flash.

3) Download FPGA PBIF image 062b/FPGA/pbifmetro_06200b.bin from tftp
FTP: Download to flash done.

Now copy new PBIF image from FLASH to EPROM. Please wait ...
The current PBIF image is intact until the system is reloaded.
Save the new PBIF to flash Done
Removing the backup pbif image

System Upgrade Done.
Upgrade Summary
Source: tftp Directory 062b
1) Installed 062b/Boot/ceb06000.bin to MP Monitor
2) Installed 062b/Application/ce06200b.bin to MP Primary
3) Installed 062b/FPGA/pbifmetro_06200b.bin to LP FPGA PBIF

Checking for coherence...