Latency pinging the MLX

  • 14 May 2020
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Ping the directly connected MLX very long latency. Ping from the MLX same slow response. Noticed LP CPu at 16% so of concern. Traffic thru the MLX runs with no Latency… I believe traffic to the switch requires CPU be involved. Traffic thru done in hardware. Like to confirm my thoughts as see warnings on CAM profile limit. So thinking CPU handling route table and causing slow response to the MLX.. They are at the max CAM profile setting so looking today to limit routes.. Feedback on if this is the cause of response times to the Router

1 reply

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could be that the CPU is busy because of  handling missing routes due to the CAM issue . Can you post 

show cpu-utilization detail

show cam-partition usage

show logging  | include CAM

show ip cache

show ipv6 cache