MLXe,VDX to Providers Edge Router OSPF Configuration

  • 20 May 2020
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Hi Guys,


Please help to create a simple OSPF configuration guide to my new project.

Please include the LAG between two MLX routers configuration.

Thank you and keep safe everyone.







4 replies

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A typical LAG configuration for the MLX can look like this:

lag "lagmlx" dynamic id 10
 ports ethernet 6/4 ethernet 8/4
 primary-port 8/4
 port-name "Link-1" ethernet 6/4
 port-name "Link-2" ethernet 8/4

From there you can configure VLANs on the member interfaces and VE interfaces for OSPF:

vlan 22 name PA
tagged ethe 6/4 ethe 8/4
router-interface ve 22


interface ve 22
# OSPF interface configuration goes here
# ip ospf area 0
# ip address

Have fun with the MLXe, its a pretty big and cool device ;)

Hi Sir, 


Thank you for the reply. It helps me a lot. 

Can you share also a sample config for HA VRRP. And simple config for uplink on the topology. 





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VRRP with an example is described

Brocade(config)# router vrrp-extended
Brocade(config)# interface ve 10
Brocade(config-vif-10)# ip address
Brocade(config-vif-10)# ip vrrp-extended vrid 10
Brocade(config-vif-10-vrid-10)# backup priority 50
Brocade(config-vif-10-vrid-10)# ip-address
Brocade(config-vif-10-vrid-10)# activate

Hi Jeorgkost,


Thank you for the answers.