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  • 21 May 2020
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There was a tool named NET Health which was owned by brocade to run network health reports on the MLX/VDX.
Do we still own the tool and are we authorized to run it with the newer version of mlx and vdx.


1 reply

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The only NET Health tool I am aware of is an Excel spread sheet that I have seen some people use over the years to parse through exported logs.  So not necessarily a packaged tool like one of our Management services; XMC, IQ, or even Workflow Composer.  To my knowledge we do not officially use, support, or provide this to the public.

You are free to use any tool you like to parse through plain text data you retrieve from the MLX/VDX, it is your data after all,

The output of “show tech” (MLX) is all plain text, however “copy support” (VDX) output requires most of the data to be decoded by TAC to be viewable.  Our decoder is proprietary and not available to the public.