QnQ on CER

  • 17 September 2020
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Try to enter he command tag-type and seems like not working or not on the older code. Wanted to configure QnQ on  CER

5 replies

which version?

As mentioned could be older version. I now have the version and it is 5.6.f    I did tell him to upgrade…. Was this supported in 5.6.f?

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I am able to configure “tag-type” on 5.6d code. The configuration is under the global configuration mode. Please let us know what error are they seeing.

Looks like CER unlike MLX from what read does not support tag-type command.. looking at Port-based Service Interface Super Aggregated
VLANs (SAV) on the CER…. Issue is if change tag2 to 9100 and apply to the network port it will impact other traffic




With the following what is the tag type     8100, /9100…...or  on port 2/3


interface ethernet 2/3

port-type provider-network