Checking RIB and FIB on Brocade 2024?

  • 19 June 2020
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Hello, can anyone confirm the correct way to check the RIB and FIB on Brocade 2024? Wanting to ensure i’m not over recommended capacity, chasing memory problems….


Is it:

RIB - show ip route

FIB - show ip BGP



5 replies

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For NetIron FIB and e.g. interface ethernet 4/1

show cam ethernet  4/1
show cam ip 4/1
show cam ipv6 4/1
show cam ?

General / usage

show cam-partition usage

For RIB  IPv4 it is like you said.

Hmm I don’t seem to have cam-partition usage, my show cam options...:

show cam ?
  l2acl                  Show cam Layer 2 sessions
  l2out                  Show cam Layer 2 outbound
  l4                     Show cam Layer 4
  l4out                  Show cam Layer 4 outbound
  v4sacl                 Show cam IPv4 Super ACL
  v6acl                  Show cam Ipv6 sessions
  v6out                  Show cam Ipv6 outbound
  v6sacl                 Show cam Ipv6 Super ACL 


show ip route works well:

#show ip route

Total number of IP routes: XXXXXX

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What is your hardware model?

Brocade CER 2024 - Part #: 40-1000859-13

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Ah sorry, missed the 2024 in the subject. For the CER you need to rconsole into the lp:

SSH@rt1# rconsole 1
Remote connection to LP slot 1 established
Press CTRL-X or type 'exit' to disconnect it
LP-1>show cam-partition usage