MTU size on bridge domains SLX

  • 20 January 2021
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I have a P2P circuit across several SLX 9540’s with the pw-profile of 9190 set in the bridge domain at each end. However, the end user at each side, cannot ping anything above 1500 MTU across this circuit. I have verified that the global mtu 9216 setting is on all routers through the path. However, my /30 links between each router hop is set at an IP MTU default setting of 1500. Will this IP MTU setting on the /30 links across the path cause the customer not to be able to ping anything above 1500 MTU? Does my layer 3 VE’s that have an IP MTU setting of 1500 affect Layer 2 bridge domain circuit even if I defined pw-profile as 9190?

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3 replies

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show bridge-domain | include MTU

show interface ethernet $x/y | include  MTU

show running-config bridge-domain

show running-config interface e $x/y

Do you know anything about the MTU at the endpoints?

Which part of the config do you wish to look at?

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If you use LDP, it will take default frame size, that is signaled by LDP. Can you print out some parts of your configuration?