[SLX IP Fabric] Data Center architecture design question

  • 5 April 2021
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Hi Team,

We have a customer who is going to implement their DC using SLX IP Fabric solution with EFA integration (3-stage clos). As a part of architecture design, they are seeking us to clarify the below points:

  1. Official confirmation on the ability to use other vendors’ leaf & configuration guide accordingly (with and without EFA);
  2. Best practice for low-level design of DC using SLX IP Fabric (3-stage clos) integrating with other network components e.g. External/Internal FW & Load-balancer (logical/physical connectivity, VLAN segregation, AS schema, traffic flow,...)

I already run thru EVD documents but not able to find any helpful information regarding #1 & #2. Appreciate any one could help since our customer requires to get feedback by Wednesday.



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