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BR-VDX6740 - vlan: traffic between access and trunk ports.

  • 7 November 2018
  • 7 replies

hi guys,

with a client vlan "unaware" and port channel as this one:

Interface name : Port-channel 25
Switchport mode : trunk
Fcoeport enabled : no
Ingress filter : enable
Acceptable frame types : vlan-tagged only
Native Vlan : 4
Active Vlans : 2,4,1310
Inactive Vlans : -
MAC learn disable Vlans : -

and another port channel like:

Interface name : Port-channel 29
Switchport mode : access
Fcoeport enabled : no
Ingress filter : enable
Acceptable frame types : vlan-untagged only
Default Vlan : 4
Active Vlans : 4
Inactive Vlans : -
MAC learn disable Vlans : -

Is "Acceptable frame types" the reason why nodes cannot talk to each other?
How to rectify this problem?

many thanks, L.

7 replies

Hi Pawel,

If the host on Po25 is sending packets untagged then I believe the expected behaviour is to drop the packets. You could try making native VLAN untagged on Po25.

Many thanks,
no switchport trunk tag native-vlan - I though should do (and it seems it does) but weird bit is that this does not change the output of: sh int switch - "Acceptable frame types : vlan-tagged only" remains but!! nodes can ping between.
Weird, no? (I have not tested trunks yet)
Userlevel 7
Yes, that's the correct command. It maybe just show output issue, since the packets pass correctly
I'm still new - don't know if ExtremeNetworks runs something like bugzilla but this qualifies as a bug in my mind - "Acceptable frame types : vlan-tagged only"
I get something very wrong or am missing something here. Otherwise it's misleading big time - I would have not made this post if it had not been for that output info.
Hi Pawel,

Yes, there is a similar system. The issue seems cosmetic, but still a bug. Could you open a TAC case regarding that output?
Where do I find that system / how to open a TAC case?
There should be a simple bugzilla.
All I could find were support contract stuff and I do not think I have such thing.