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BR-VDX6740 - vlan: traffic between access and trunk ports.

  • 7 November 2018
  • 7 replies

hi guys,

with a client vlan "unaware" and port channel as this one:

Interface name : Port-channel 25
Switchport mode : trunk
Fcoeport enabled : no
Ingress filter : enable
Acceptable frame types : vlan-tagged only
Native Vlan : 4
Active Vlans : 2,4,1310
Inactive Vlans : -
MAC learn disable Vlans : -

and another port channel like:

Interface name : Port-channel 29
Switchport mode : access
Fcoeport enabled : no
Ingress filter : enable
Acceptable frame types : vlan-untagged only
Default Vlan : 4
Active Vlans : 4
Inactive Vlans : -
MAC learn disable Vlans : -

Is "Acceptable frame types" the reason why nodes cannot talk to each other?
How to rectify this problem?

many thanks, L.

7 replies

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no switchport trunk tag native-vlan - I though should do (and it seems it does) but weird bit is that this does not change the output of: sh int switch - "Acceptable frame types : vlan-tagged only" remains but!! nodes can ping between.
Weird, no? (I have not tested trunks yet)
I'm still new - don't know if ExtremeNetworks runs something like bugzilla but this qualifies as a bug in my mind - "Acceptable frame types : vlan-tagged only"
I get something very wrong or am missing something here. Otherwise it's misleading big time - I would have not made this post if it had not been for that output info.
Where do I find that system / how to open a TAC case?
There should be a simple bugzilla.
All I could find were support contract stuff and I do not think I have such thing.
Hi Pawel,

If the host on Po25 is sending packets untagged then I believe the expected behaviour is to drop the packets. You could try making native VLAN untagged on Po25.

Many thanks,
Yes, that's the correct command. It maybe just show output issue, since the packets pass correctly
Hi Pawel,

Yes, there is a similar system. The issue seems cosmetic, but still a bug. Could you open a TAC case regarding that output?