CES Running with little available Memory

Hello CES Experts,

IHAC running a L2 SP network with CES for customers with 1G connectivity. All of his CES are showing very little free SDRAM memory (see cli screen shot below). Is this normal?

Please see memory utilization of CES device:

MP Process:

Memory Used 81723392 bytes

Available 28581888 bytes

Available (%) 25 percent

LP Process:

Memory Used 98652160 bytes

Available 40730624 bytes

Available (%) 29 percent

OS Kernel:

Memory Used 38027264 bytes

Available 27766784 bytes

Available (%) 42 percent


Total SDRAM: 536870912 bytes

Total Free Memory: 42168320 bytes

Total Free Memory (%): 7 percent

Malloc statistics: total 2496207510

OS malloc count: 37856521

OS malloc fail: 0

OS free count: 37849210

OS free fail: 0

diff: 7311

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you might have a look to your system max values . Adjusting them to your need may free up some memory .