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Duplicate IP ARP 1038 Error in VDX

  • 7 March 2018
  • 1 reply


I have many ARP-1038 error on VDX6740 comming from our Aruba Controller. I noticed that errors appears at the end of DHCP lease time and it's not for all IP.

it's a lot of errors like that:

2018/03/07-06:09:45, [ARP-1038], 78455, SW/0 | Active | DCE, WARNING, VDX6740-1, Duplicate IP detected. New MAC-Address 5cf5.da95.6ce3, Old MAC-Address 8410.0d9a.aef9.

Is anyone could help me?


1 reply

This does not look like a VDX issue at all. This above looks like a DHCP server lease problem and/or duplicate DHCP servers, wrong DHCP relay or just duplicated IP configurations. Above you see an issue between a Macbook and a Lenovo laptop.