EMC vdx-6740b - good for any firmware?

hi there,

I have inherited a EMC vdx-6740b. I realize that "b" bit is nowhere to be found here, or I failed to find it. I looked around at EMC/Dell sites searching for firmware and it felt like this product(but whole "portal" felt a bit clunky) has been neglected.

Latest firmware available there is Network OS 6.0.2e which seems quite behind what I find here. So what I hope for is that an expert can confirm that firmware from extremenetworks is good and can be used on those vdx-6740b.
Anybody could clarify what that EMC's switch actually is and is it good for/with extremenetworks' firmware?
many thanks, L.

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EMC VDX-6740B is a Native Brocade VDX-6740.
VDX Series switch was acquired by Extreme Networks, so I'm assuming EMC don't longer support those platforms.