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GRE TCP MSS Adjustment on MLX

  • 10 October 2018
  • 1 reply

Hello all. How can i adjust tcp mss on gre tunnel with MLX?
In documentation states:
Modifying the TCP MSS value based on the GRE tunnel MTU configuration

For example, on ethernet interface 1/1 the TCP MSS value is configured to 1400 bytes. The ethernet interface 1/1 is a tunnel source for the GRE tunnel 100. If you configure the GRE tunnel MTU value to 700 bytes on ethernet interface 1/1, the software internally modifies the TCP MSS value to 660 bytes.

So as i understand if i need mss 1360 i should just adjust mtu on a gre interface to 1400 and mss will be changed too.

interface tunnel 1
tunnel mtu 1400

Am i right?
Thanks in advance.