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ipsec on netiron CER 2024*

  • 27 February 2018
  • 7 replies

Hi there!

I have 4 routers: 2x NetIron CER 2024C , NetIron CER 2024C-4X , NetIron CER 2048F

Could you please tell me, they support IPSEC? It is possible to configure them with IPSEC?

7 replies

this uis from the Support Matrx 6.200.
Hope that helps .
Hi, Michael !
Thank u 4 ur reply! So, if i have on my CER 2024* firmware ver V5.8.0a , for me ipsec is unavailable - this correct?
correct. ( from the Matrix )
Encryption and decryption of IP packets and the tunnel setup using IKEv2 can be done only on the BR-MLX-10GX4-M IPSEC line card.
Have a look please into the "Security Configuration Guide" page 203 ff.. for the features you looking for .
But i cant see this features _only_ for mlx* series on http://www.brocade.com/content/dam/common/documents/content-types/configuration-guide/netiron-05900-... here is just examples with mlx ...
There is no modules with ipsec (ikev2) for CER 2000 (2024) series?
yes there are no modules with ipsec (ikev2) for CER 2000 (2024) series
Ok, Michael , thank you so much! 🙂