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MR Management Module Sync to standby Card

  • 23 April 2019
  • 2 replies

I have in the past and wanted to confirm if have running MR card in primary slot and install new card in secondary slot it will sync image and configuration.. i believe done this in the past. Second part any issues with primary running slot a MR and new card in secondary slot a MR2 and it also sync

2 replies

To provide an accurate answer to your question, please elaborate ...
  1. what platform is this modular chassis in question? VDX 8770-4/8770-8 or SLX 9850-4/9850/8?
  2. what version of OS running? NOS version#(?) and/or SLXOS version #?
  3. what do you mean by MR and MR2? do you have the output for show chassis? serial # and model #? Is MR2 means the second Management Module of the same kind or they are of different version?
please provide output of
  • show version
  • show chassis
  • show slot
  • show firmwaredownloadhistory
  • show ha
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For MLX,

Answer to first part: Yes, if you put a MR module in the second slot, the software and config will sync with the Active Management module.

Answer to second part: We do not recommend to use two different types of Management modules in the same chassis.