q-in-q over vxlan

Hello all,
Please advise. Is it possible to configure VTEP so that it wouldn't strip off C-VLAN tag ?

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Since VDX doesn't support Q-in-Q; you can possibly make this work by not tagging native VLAN on the port(s) connecting to the switch that does QinQ.

The VDX will first look up the source and destination macs, it then moves towards VLAN and fails to read the outer VLAN with eth type 9100. As a result it handles the traffic as native untagged traffic and sends it across.

Command Syntax

no switchport trunk tag native-vlan

Hope this helps.
This is some kind of bug in VDX ip fabric.
I found a solution, and it is not in Extreme / Brocade manuals.

When I make a site in the overlay gateway, qinq starts working.
example for vlan 28:
overlay-gateway og-leaf
type layer2-extension
ip interface Loopback 2
attach rbridge-id add 3-4
map vlan 25 vni 354025
map vlan 26 vni 354026
map vlan 28 vni 350028
site 0102
ip address
extend vlan add 28