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Renumbering a VCS Logical Chassis Cluster

  • 4 June 2019
  • 3 replies

I have an 8-switch VCS cluster (6740x2, 6710x6, NOS 4.1, Logical Chassis, no vcs virtual ip set) which needs renumbering onto a new management network (resulting from merger and reorganization).

What are the implications for doing this while the devices are in production? Can it be done at all without flattening and rebuilding the configuration?

3 replies

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No, this can not be done without impacting traffic.

Changing the RB ID will default the configuration of the switch. As a result, the configuration will be lost which will cause traffic disruption and the switch will be added as a new switch on the VCS.
Don't want to change any of the rbridge configuration other than ip address and default gateways. No topology or rbridge-id changes.
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If it''s just IP address and gateway (control plane) of each switch, then there will not be any impact to the data traffic (data plane).