Routing question with VDX. I don't want this route.

I have a question about my Vdx-6740 fabric.
I have a laptop who is pluged into a router (R1).
R1 is pluged in VDX54.
VDX54 is pluged in VDX53 (Fabric ISL Trunk)
And the institution (ECO) is pluged in VDX53.

On VDX54, I have:
Vlan 912:
Vlan 195:
Vlan 198:

On VDX53, I have:
Vlan 154:
Vlan 195:
Vlan 198:
Vlan 921:

If I have a look on routing table on VDX54:

I do not want packets to go through roads 172.
How do I do that?

In a fabric, do I have to set the virtual interface for each vlan on each VDX or it's works like a stack?

I uploaded a screen shot of the routing table and a little plan for connection.



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L3 configuration should be done on each VDX separately