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SLX9540 Logical Interfaces - show command?

  • 2 September 2019
  • 2 replies

Hi there,

Does anybody know if there is a command to show the logical interfaces definied on the system? I know if i do show "bridge-domain X" then I can see the logical interfaces in use per bridge-domain. Also if I do "show run int e 0/x" then I can see the logical interfaces defined in the running configuration per interface. However there don't appear to be any other commands specifically relating to the logical interfaces?

The reason I am asking is I am looking at some automation and wanting to pull back specific information by defining Extreme SLX NTC Templates (https://github.com/networktocode/ntc-templates) that I can use to obtain facts about the current system state. However parsing the running configuration seems the wrong way to go about this given that I may not know which interface is using logical interfaces (and most other functionality appears to have specific show commands related to it).

Am I missing something?



2 replies

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I think it is missing right now, also a command like "show interface ve" is lacking, too. Maybe we can make a feature request or we will wait for the release of version 20 first, perhaps it's included there.
Hi joergkost,

Since I posted this, I have found that you can see logical interface information for a specific bridge-domain with "show bridge-domain X logical-interface" which is of some use, however it obviously doesn't list all bridge domains.

With regards the "show interface ve", yeah that's rubbish 🙂 Weirdly "show interface" also lists VE interfaces though!!! You are right, it sounds like a feature requests, I will pester my account manager now if you can do the same?