VDX-6720 packet capture problems

  • 31 March 2018
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I know this is an old switch, but some things are just agitating.

I have a port channel consisting of one port on each of two VDX-6720 switches in a VCS fabric.

sw0# show port-channel 10
LACP Aggregator: Po 10 (vLAG)
Aggregator type: Standard
Ignore-split is enabled
Member rbridges:
rbridge-id: 12 (1)
rbridge-id: 54 (1)
Admin Key: 0010 - Oper Key 0010
Partner System ID - 0x007f,64-64-9b-5e-55-00
Partner Oper Key 0004
Member ports on rbridge-id 12:
Link: Te 12/0/3 (0xC18018002) sync: 1 *
Member ports on rbridge-id 54:
Link: Te 54/0/3 (0x3618018002) sync: 1[/code]

Data is dying somewhere between me and the other party.I created a MAC ACL:
sw0# show run mac
mac access-list standard test_01
seq 10 permit any count
! [/code]

I go to apply it to an interface:
sw0(config-Port-channel-10)# mac access-group test_01 ?
Possible completions:
in Ingress direction
out Egress direction
sw0(config-Port-channel-10)# mac access-group test_01 out %%Error:Applying ACL in egress direction not supported. [/code]I know the manual says:
The Brocade VDX 6710, VDX 6720, and VDX 6730 do not support the following: • Egress ACLs[/code]Then why let it tab-complete on a platform that doesn't support it?

Okay, so let's do an ingress-only capture.

sw0# capture packet interface
Possible completions:
fortygigabitethernet FortyGigabit Ethernet interface
gigabitethernet Gigabit Ethernet interface
hundredgigabitethernet HundredGigabit Ethernet interface
tengigabitethernet TenGigabit Ethernet interface[/code]Okay, so I can't capture on the port-channel, which the manual does state can only be done on physical interfaces.

sw0(conf-if-te-12/0/3)# mac access-group test_01 in
%%Error: This interface is not configured to layer2 mode[/code]So I can't packet capture on a port-channel, but I can't put ACLs on the individual ports in a port-channel. Let's do a packet capture on both interfaces in the port-channel.

sw0# capture packet interface tengigabitethernet 12/0/3
sw0# capture packet interface tengigabitethernet 54/0/3
% Error: Interface is not a memeber of this Rbridge[/code]

What do I do?

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You will need to configure the same ACL on Rbridge 54 then apply this to tengigabitethernet 54/0/3 on that switch