VDX-6740(any vdx?) two switches - logical chassis vs any other setup - which?

hi everyone,

I'm preparing two switches to put into rack's top and I wonder...

Most, almost all of the nodes in the rack, Linuxes, are using LAGs or what is in modern linuxes called net-team devices.

Stack from which I'm hoping to migrate away is Dell's and it's one stack(three switches) which would be in Brocade's nomenclature be called a logical chassis, I understand.

Redundancy is "assured" by switches and LAGs and net-team devs are in LACP modes.

One major difference between my Dells & Brocades is that Dells are single whereas Brocades are dual PSU.

Now, back to what I wonder about... Is, in scenario with two Brocades(three max) a logical chassis the only way for how have the rest of the stack?

I imagine logical chassis would be the easiest to manage setup but maybe there is better, more beneficial, more resilient configuration, like...
With NOS upgrades in mind and Lossless Upgrades - that would be nice to have, but is this possible with only two switches/logical chassis setup?

And those vLAGs - only starting reading docs and I'm new to Brocade - would these be better alternative?

many thanks, L.

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I would suggest that the option you have chosen logical chassis with two nodes offers you the best redundancy / resilience.

Each node could be upgraded individually whilst maintaining service through out, assuming all nodes are connected to the fabric using LACP vLAG