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vdx-6740 ports respond differently to the same cable(transceiver)

hi everyone

I have SFP+ cables which seems to work fine but on one(maybe more?) port(Te 2/0/27) I see "unqualified transceiver" and port gets put down administratively.
Now, next door ports, eg 25 or 29 do not do that, I think I got "unqualified" transceiver but port stay up/online.

Is this not weird? Why switch would be doing this?

nos 7.2.0a1

many thanks, L.

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If its unsupported transceiver, then it wasn't tested by Extreme, behavior might be unpredictable.

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Can you post the show media int te when the sfp is plugged in the vdx?
I think it might have had something to do with a node used "broadcast" instead of LACP.
I think that because whichever switch ports I connected the node to those ports would go adminDown after a short wile.

I'll take more time to find if that was the root cause.

(node being Centos with net team device spanning two SPF+ ports(dual port NIC))

Would/should switch behave this way is such a situation?