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VDX-6740 with logical chassis cluster monitor via BNA issue

  • 3 December 2018
  • 2 replies


I have 18 VDX-6740 in one logical chassis cluster, and use BNA to monitor those devices.Recently I removed one node from the logical chassis, and I try to delete this node in BNA. However the message shows "Active member in the cluster cannot be deleted" .

Does anyone know who to update the fabric/node in BNA?

2 replies


whitout any kind of warranty..... otherwise ignore my post.

in order to delete any registered chassis, as fair as i remember, you have first to romove it in VCS.

example form a command reference manuals:

vcs logical-chassis enable default-config
Use the no form of this command to remove a node from an existing cluster, remaining in logical chassis cluster mode.
no vcs logical-chassis enablerbridge-id rbridge-id default-config
Hi support,

I already remove the device from logical chassis cluster.

However, BNA monitor tool didn't update this change. It keep shows the device in ethernet fabric with degraded link.
I also try to "Rediscover" in BNA. But nothing change.

Do you know how to update this?