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vdx-6740b Unqualified SFP transceiver - adminDown - can it be forced up?

  • 11 September 2018
  • 5 replies

Hi everyone,
I have a vdx-6740b and it seems that direct-attached cables are not being liked by the switch/NOS and I wonder - can we tell it to(straight & in caveman terms): no, it's okey, work!

many thanks, L.

5 replies

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Hi L,

No, unfortunately Unqualified SFP transceiver can not be forced up,
You can check which SFPs and cables are supported in Release notes for NOS

Best Regards,
I have now a sfp lead in that port that is 100% okey for it worked no problems in neighboring port, but port which was put down still is in state "adminDown".
Should it not automatically have gone up?

thanks, L.
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Is 10G or 40G? do you have a license?
You can also check if license reserved for this port
dpod x/x/x (interface)
Can ask you - side note but related - if I reset config/switch to factory settings (btw, is how to do that in manuals?) will then all the licenses remain intact?
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copy default-config startup-config [/code]License should stay