• 12 September 2018
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Hello, I'm looking for the commands to update a vdx6740 from the command shell via tftp

5 replies

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I think the Extreme Network OS Software Upgrade Guide is the right one to find the answer...


You'd find more product software documentation here...

Sorry Donald , i am in the command Shell from the 6740 , nos does not boot.
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I've no clue about VDXs but I'm good with Google Chrome.

Is that what you are looking for....

... if not we need to wait for someone else to help you.
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Hi Steffen,

Unfortunately there is no procedure how to upgrade switch from shell,
The best way to recover switch will be Netinstall, that Ronald mention earlier.

Best Regards,
Guys, so, did you found the solution to update a vdx6740 from the command shell via TFTP? I'm working on a documentation about the Ethernet Data Center Switches. Some of the switches that I covered till now are Huawei CE8860-4C-El, Huawei CloudEngine 6800 Series, Arista 7250QX 10/40G, and a few more. Now I'm working with DOCSIE but as soon as I finish, I'll share them on a friend's website. I think it's a good idea to have them all in one place, all the more that it's kind of tricky to find them.