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Vlan(trunk) on port channel?

  • 7 November 2018
  • 6 replies

hi guys,
I'm hoping this is possible - scenario is:
a port channel (2 switches x 1 port) which is a vlan 9. That port channel is in access mode.
Can I use eth interfaces/ports(some or all) of that channel in trunk mode? (for iscsi)

Te 1/0/45 + Te 2/0/45 = Po 25 in access mode vlan 9

Te 1/0/45 = in trunk for vlan 9 & 99 ?

How this could be achieved?
Many thanks, L.

6 replies

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What product/model are we talking about here !?

And no you can't configure part of a LAG - all ports in the LAG have the same configuration.
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No, you can not configure same port as access and trunk at the same time

it's BR-VDX6740 with 7.2.0a1

So if a node/client has only two ports and need to talk to two subnets, then either no port channel or iscsi over that port channel (which I hear/read is not good)
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Routing !? I've one port on my client and talk to all subnets on this planet.

Might be good if you post a network diagram and a little bit more information.
if the client supports hashing based on IP/port, each iSCSI flow should take one path only and not be affected by any variable latency on LAG members. If you expect generally high load on interfaces, you might also want to mark iSCSI with a different COS/DCSP, if possible, and map to a separate Traffic Class on VDX.
Nope,this cannot be done